Order Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by Milanodezone.com

www.milanodezone.com reserves the right to cancel the order due to any of the following reason:

  • Payment rejection.
  • Customer delayed for more than 1.5 hour to settle the payment for his bill reference number by bank.
  • Buying more than 2 pcs of the same item.
  • Customer no-show or delay for more than 7 days in collecting his (paid online) “Collect from store” orders.
  • Wrong delivery address given by customer or wrong contact details or due to customer is not reachable.
  • Milanodezone.com and milanoint.com Stores is committed to providing the best possible customer service to our customers, as such any bulk orders over a quantity of 2 of the same sku or promotion/offer to the same customer or business orders will be cancelled at the discretion of management.

Cancellation by customer

To process cancellation of an order, please contact us. You can cancel the order due to any of the following reason:

  • The product/service(s) are not yet shipped to you. In case of cancellation, after the order has been shipped to you, cancellation fees will apply. We have the full right to demonstrate whether an order has been shipped to you by the time of your cancellation request.
  • We are unable to procure/deliver the product/service(s) in a reasonable time; that is (10) working days from the date we confirmed your order.
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